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We woke up this morning to the steady patter of rain. A raw, gloomy chill hung over the house. Plus our newspaper was late. Blech.

Then at 9 am sharp, my phone rang. It was my friend Kathleen calling to invite Karina and me for a walk with her and her dog Zoe at Mount Misery.

After a few deep sighs, I accepted. After all, as Kathleen said, we have to walk the dogs anyway. We might as well go someplace different and more interesting.

Not nearly as bleak as its name suggests, Mount Misery is a set of trails a few minutes’ drive from our respective houses. Bordered on one side by the Sudbury river, its trails lead up a hill, through the woods, and past a pond. There’s farmland in the area as well.

The woods always feel so peaceful in the rain.

Heading to the riverKarina in the mistMist cloudriver bendLinesThe mist and wet wood make all the colors and textures stand out in sharp relief.

Eel-log close up

Foot fungus

Rhododendron leaves

Karina and Zoe had a blast.

on the trail

They even made some new friends.

GinnyBlue eyes

There was a remnant from Hurricane Sandy.

ShardAs well as some remnants of hard work by squirrels.

Squirrel work

Squirrel work close up

A tree eating a sign …

No swimming

and a lost and found.

lost and found

It was a beautiful walk. In the end, I was grateful for the rain.


And my walking companion was ready for a nap.

Post-walk naptime