About Judith A. Ross

travelersI am an organizer and editorial expert. I love pulling different pieces together into a unified whole to create informative, multi-voiced articles, stylish outfits, tasty meals, and relaxed gardens and interiors.

A regular contributor to Mom’s Clean Air Force, Women’s Voices for Change, and Talking Writing,  I have also written numerous pieces for academic, corporate, and nonprofit organizations. My byline has appeared in Harvard Business Review and several magazines and newsletters at  Harvard Business School, and Harvard Business Publishing.

If you are in need of communications assistance, I can help you and/or your organization write or edit reports, website content, articles, and brochures.

To contact me, simply fill out the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!


1 thought on “About Judith A. Ross”

  1. I really enjoyed finding your blog and reading through some of your posts! I am looking forward to following you. Thanks for sharing this. ~Rita

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