Stopping to admire fallen trumpet vine blossoms on the way home from morning yoga.

Hanging on to old habits is comforting when moving to a new place. For example, one of the first things Paul and I did after moving to Portland — before we’d even bought our house — was find and join a local gym and pool. I’ve been swimming three times a week for the past eight or so years and my mind and body have become addicted to those regular workouts.

But moving to a new place is also an opportunity to try new things and to push oneself in new directions. For the past couple of months, I have been going to a 7:30 am “Morning Flow” class at the yoga studio down the street. Unlike swimming, this is weight-bearing exercise that is good for aging bones, and I’ve notice some increased flexibility as well.

I enjoy the class itself, but on some days the best part is the calm, dream-like, 7-minute walk between the studio and my house.