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This past weekend we lost an hour as we turned the clocks ahead to daylight savings time. The change feels a bit premature, as we are still deep in winter here on the east coast. The hard cold is gone for the moment, but I’m still chilled. (In fact, I’m writing this while under a down comforter with a heating pad and Karina at my feet.)

We’ve had a few glimpses of the sun, but overall its been pretty grey. In fact, we had another snowstorm on Friday.

March Storm

The rose of sharon that hangs out under our front window put on its winter hats yet again.

Rose of Sharon 1

In this house, we are all a bit weary of hats, gloves, scarves, and snowshoes or ice cleats — all necessary for a walk in the woods.

I won’t be sad to see winter go, but I will miss its mysterious and beautiful light. It makes me pay attention.

Willow at dusknight time duet