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white on black

It’s another snowy Monday in the neighborhood. The weekend’s storm only left a few inches, but it’s sticky stuff. It clung to tree branches and blackened their trunks with its wetness.

Back yard Cherry Tree

How weary I am of winter and how I long for a change of scene. But no matter what the weather, Karina needs her morning walk. So when we set out this morning, I tried to focus on the lovely details.

snowy detail

white on white close up

old birchI stopped to take some photos, and Paul and Karina went on ahead. While hurrying to catch up, I was stopped in my tracks by a gory remnant, left right in the middle of the trail. (Warning: the next two images may disturb sensitive readers.)

teeth possums head

Paul told me that he had spotted a set of lone paw prints, unaccompanied by human boot tracks. A coyote must have captured the unlucky possum.

As we continued our walk, I thought about all the activity that happens in these seemingly peaceful woods when we are not here. There must be some wild goings-on behind the scenes, so to speak.

seeing red

In these woods, as in life, there is so much mystery just beneath the surface.


tree mosaic

And speaking of hidden worlds, I highly recommend this documentary that is showing on HBO entitled, “Birders: The Central Park Effect.” Here is the trailer.